4o Αντιφασιστικό φεστιβάλ στην Πράγα

On behalf of Antifascist Action, we invite you to May Day – a political festival with cultural overlap – for the fourth time. The festival will take place on the 1st May 2011 on Císařská louka in Prague, starting at 12:00.

During the first day of May, many Czech as well as foreign bands will take over the stage, as well as interesting lecturers, workshops, theatre plays and movie screenings that you will get a chance to attend. Kids as well as their parents will for sure welcome the possibility to visit the children’s corner where the kids can play with their parents or be taken care of when their mom and dad want to see their favourite band or a lecture. We will kick off the celebrations of 15 years of Antifascist Action on Císařská louka, so we worked really hard to make you love the program. So let’s see what is there for you to enjoy:

We continue with the past years trend and so we extended the lecture part of the festival some more. This year, our festival will host the following names: ALAN CARTER, professor of Philosophy on the Glasgow University, an influential anarchist thinker concentrating on ethics, moral philosophy, human impact on the environment and it’s relation to the life itself. JOHN HOLLOWAY, sociologist and lecturer of the Autonomous University of Puebla, who is cooperating on a long-time basis with the Zapatista movement. We will also be honored to welcome an anarchist activist and member of the antifranquist resistance OCTAVIO ALBEROLA. A representative of the KPK (Collectively against Capital) group will give a lecture on the reforms in the Czech Republic and a representative of the Mouvement Communiste will speak about the recent revolts in the Arab countries.

The musical part of the festival will again be very colorful – many bands across genres wanting to support the emancipating ideals agreed to play. You can look forward to the uncompromising metal/hardcore of the Germany’s own HEAVEN SHALL BURN. HSB have their space among the top of their genre and they will play in Prague after a couple of years, and this time completely without getting paid, as well as all the other bands and performers. Among these, there will be PSH – a Czech hip-hop legend that will bring many of their guests on stage in a special MayDay set. Ska fans will sure welcome a big name of the scene – THE CHANCERS, who are well known for the energy of their shows. The Serbian RED UNION will bring their melodic HC/punk with a clear political message, as well as their brothers in arms, BAYONETTES. The up-to-date form of hip-hop will be represented by LUSHLIFE from USA, another band representing overseas will be SPECTRES from Canada, bringing their energic post punk following the path of Joy Division or Wire. There will also be two bands from Slovakia ready to make your blood run fast – VANDALI and ILÚZIA. The former mixes fast HC/punk with a load of humor and sarcasm and the latter builds mainly on the singer’s perfect voice and original compositions. The charismatic singer/songwriter DAŠA FON FLAŠA is also of a Slovak origin. He is an amazing player with words, as well as ARAN SATAN. The strictly underground punk scene will be represented by JONESTOWN and their crust/HC. So this year’s lineup is complete and all we can say is that we are very happy to see so many bands from such different genres and subcultures standing hand in hand on such a festival as MayDay.

There will also be a theatre performance called “Vandaska” (a name based on the surname of the infamous Workers Party leader Vandas) by the theatre company ZTRACENÁ EXISTENCE (Lost Existence), workshops and movie screenings. There will also be a lot of space for presentations of anti-authoritarian, ecological and other groups and collectives. Vegan catering and a coffee place offering fair trade treats are a sure thing.

We are trying to to create a festival where politics is naturally connected to music and to a lot of fun – but politics as the shared responsibility of every one of us for the course of the world surrounding us, not as struggle for power and for votes.

We hope that you will see that MAYDAY is not an ordinary festival. MAYDAY brings a mixture of music, fun and political ideas. We tried to constitute the program of influential bands, interesting lectures and workshops concentrating on current events both in Czech Republic and in the world. But we do not want MAYDAY to be an oasis or a hideout from the everyday reality. On the contrary – it should be an inspiration for ordinary workday lives of everyone – there are so many problems surrounding us and we have to try to realize them and try to find solutions. MAYDAY can stay MADAY only if it retains its spirit and does not become a festival just for festival. We do not organize MAYDAY for ourselves, but for all of us – including you. We are trying to avoid the common concept of “work for pay” and we try to build the festival on the grounds of voluntarily cooperation. We would love to be able to avoid all the compromises. That is why you can also participate in creating the festival – by some kind of financial contribution, by leaving the place clean as it was before, or by taking part in discussions. We create MAYDAY together, and that is the only way to reach for the impossible. MAYDAY means both fun and inspiration!

See you soon!



1η Μάη σε Ρωσία ,Ουκρανία και Τσεχία

Περίπου 350 αναρχικοί και αντιφασιστές διαδηλώσαν την πρωτομαγιά στη Μόσχα με αντικαπιταλιστικά και αντιφασιστικά συνθήματα.
Φωτογραφίες και ενημέρωση (αγγλικά): www.antifa.ru/4271.html

Στο Κίεβο την πρωτομαγιά έγινε διαδήλωση από 600 αναρχικούς, αντιφασιστές και άλλους ακτιβιστές. Στην διαδήλωση υπήρχε ξεχωριστό μπλοκ από την αντιφασιστική δράση που συμμετείχαν περίπου 150 άτομα με πανο ¨να οικοδομήσουμε ένα νέο κόσμο χωρίς εξουσία και κεφάλαιο¨.

Φωτογραφίες από το αντιφασιστικό φεστιβάλ στη Πράγα.

Βίντεο στη μνήμη του Τσέχου αντιφασίστα Jan Kucera

Ο Jan δολοφονήθηκε από νεοναζί τον Ιανουάριο του 2008 κατά την διάρκεια συμπλοκής αντιφασιστών με νεοναζί στην πόλη Πριμπράμ.



Αντιφασιστική πορεία στην μνήμη του Jan στο Πριμπράμ (23/1/2010)


Τσεχία:Μια ακόμη δολοφονία από νεοναζί


Ο Jan Kucera ,μαχαιρώθηκε την Παρασκευή 18 Ιανουαρίου μετά από συμπλοκή με φασίστες σε πάμπ στην πόλη Πριμπρά (50 χμ από τη Πράγα ). Ο Jan ,αντιφασίστας σκινχεντ και γνωστός για τις απόψεις του στην πόλη ,ξεψύχησε την Κυριακή το πρωί στο νοσοκομείο.

Αποκαλυπτικό είναι το βίντεο που δόθηκε στην δημοσιότητα όπου καταγράφεται η εισβολή των νεοναζί στο μαγαζί και αργότερα η επίθεση.