16 march 2013 «Dax vive»


16th march 2003: the Dark Night of Milan.
Fascists stab to death Davide Cesare, nicknamed “Dax”.
Soon after, police and carabinieri beat up to blood friends and fellows that rushed to San Paolo Hospital to have some news about him. Fascist squads and police brutality. Knives and cosh.

March 2013: 10 years after Dax’s death, murdered because antifascist, Milan prepares to remember his Dark Night and to fight back any fascist attempt, through a 3 days of counter information, fight, music and demotic sport.

16 march 2013: antifascist and anti capitalist national demo. To remember Dax and his daily intervention to fight back any xenophobic act or injustice.
To claim his antagonist identity, his hate toward inequality that feeds the powerful and hungers the people.
To feed his and our dream to radically change society, revolutionizing life and work conditions, tearing down the relationship of domination we face daily.
To reconstitute a militant and active antifascism internationally against the new rightwing, which in years of crisis finds an easy solution in fighting the weak people, never putting into discussion the constituted power.
Against who seeds racism and intolerance, feeding a ‘poor’s war’ which is enslaved to the cultural and economical supremacy of global capitalism.
Because the freedom of living where one is born or migrated, health system, education, home, are never given by the powerful. These need to be conquered struggling, adopting solidarity and mutual help, recognizing each other’s different culture, habits, age, but equally aiming a more rightful world for everybody.

Against fascism, since ever defending dominant classes.
Against capitalism, responsible of exploiting and oppressing the whole world. A model in permanent crisis which deserves to be teared down from his foundation, to build an alternative made of social justice, solidarity and respect of any living being.

16 march 2013: Dax lives in each fight in the present days, in every antifascist and anti capitalist militancy.

Dax’s fellows