Polish Anti-fascists ambush neo-nazi band «Tormentia»

«There is no Antifa in Poland» (it refers to mantra repeated for years by Polish fascists on their intenret forums). Really? On iternet you can see short clip from activity of «sport-oriented Anti-Fascists» (as militants call each other in jokes).


On the clip we can see how those «sportsmen» attack band «Tormentia». It is band from Poland playing national-socialist black metal. This day «Tormentia» was supposed to play on «v Szczery Memorial», together with Serbian band Razor 88.
Mariusz Szczerski aka «Szczery» was leading member of Polish neo-nazi band «Honor». He died in 2005 and since then people connected with fascist movement in Poland turned him into a hero. If death in car accident is heroic, then «Szczery» was a hero- he died like thousands of other people dying in car accidents. Now fascists organize «memorials» devoted to his memory. Those are gigs, which gather «elite» of neo-nazis from whole of Europe. Details of those gigs are kept in secret, and their participants are informed about them in last moment by phone or text message. Despite of those security precautions, «persons uknown» managed to get some information. They arranged to meet fascists from «Tormentia» on one of the services on the way to the gig. Idiot neo-nazis, because they should be called like that thought that they will go with second vehicle full of nazis straight to the gig. After all its safer i na group. Well it appeared that they will neither go anywhere nor its safer. There was a funny dialogue with Anti-fascists, who didn’t know what else they can talk about with those idiots:

«Allright, you know who we are, right?»
«Antifa Poland»
«Oh fuck!»

Result of encounter wasn’t difficult to predict. As you can see on the film, fascist end up unconscious on the floor. Some of their equipment was destroyed. Their show on «memorial gig» was of course cancelled. Because «Tormentia» never admitted such an action ever took place, we decided to publish part of the recording from the day. As authors of the film informed, they erased more drastic fragments. To protect the identity of those taking part also faces were erased fro mthe clip.

This recording is an answer to words «There is no Antifa in Poland». Those words are often repeated by fascists, who never admit to their own defeats. We have to add that this is second band from NS RAC scenerecently, that managed to find out in first person about capabilities of «sport-oriented Anti-fascists». Ukrainian nazi black metal band Kroda after Anti-fascists visited their concert in Warsaw was forced to cancel their European tour due to smahed equipment and injuries.