Antifa Festival Bologna

Bologna, Italy – May 28th to June 6th 2010,
Parco di Viale Togliatti (Viale Togliatti Park)

Antifascism. Does this word sound old to you?
Somewhat inadequate nowadays? Outdated, obsolete?

Then tell us, what is behind the modern day concentration camps for immigrants (CIE), the deportations, the oppression and torture people are subjected to by the state, the racism reemerging in the guise of the government’s security agenda, which is turning health care assistants into OVRA? (Mussolini’s secret police force under fascism) What is behind the will to split the working world, in order to foster a fratricidal war between desperate people?

What is behind the continual mystification of history, the attempt to rehabilitate the Salo republic’s repubblichini, the streets that bear Almirante’s name (a notorious Italian fascist) and power’s intolerance to the most basic democratic rules. And what about the attempts to change the constitution, the will to gag ‘justice’ by trying to turn it into a heap of servants of power, the attacks on education, on research and freedom of information and the desire to have a mute state that obeys the fascist model that must be imposed at all costs?

What is behind the various roma camps which have been set on fire, the deaths in prisons, the fascist salutes in Italian squares, the connivance between neofascists and the state, the increasing number of attacks and threats towards those who do not align themselves with the neofascist model?
Have you ever seen the 2010 fascist action squads acting freely in the streets and universities under police “surveillance”? Did you see them attacking students with batons, belts and knives? And did you then hear those in power taking their side, whilst covering up the facts?

Doesn’t this remind you of something? Doesn’t it stink of fascism?

Fascism is first and foremost, a “culture”, a way of being, of behaving. It is the desire to dominate people, nature, the territory. It is arrogance, the negation of every right, the repression of dissent and the negation of and contempt towards difference. The ‘culture’ of yesterday’s fascism is alive and well. It has transformed itself, changing its organisations and delegations and continues to carry out fascism’s dirty work, up until this day. The ‘culture’ to fight against belongs to this fascism of today.

With this in mind, we intend to relaunch the project of a social festival of antifascist cultures, as an open and participatory project, emerging from our fighting territories, with the aim of creating a network, strengthening relationships and enabling us to build a common projectuality.

To allow for as many people as possible to participate in the conceptual development and elaboration of the timetable, we have decided to create various open affinity groups to cover each theme that we intend to develop during the festival. To collaborate and make suggestions for the content of thematic tables, please write to: Environment and territory, ecology Prohibitionism, authoritarianism, psychiatry Housing rights, work, precarity and Communication, information sharing, freedom of expression GLBTIQ, sexism, homophobia, gender-based violence History and memory Migrants and racism Neofascist movements and the New Right Education

The festival will feature numerous debates, seminars, workshops, book presentations, comics, videos, gigs and theatre performances, photography shows and anything else we will be able to build through the input and availability of those wanting to participate.